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Registrations for 2024 are open, we are waiting for you !

Two rowing events on the Canal du Midi

The ATPPR (Association Toulouse Pierre Paul Riquet) is offering two events from Monday 19 to Saturday 24 August 2024
between Toulouse and Béziers.
The Rallye du Canal du Midi for its 41st edition and the Enduro Canal will be the 3rd!
In an exceptional tourist setting, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site,
You will be able to participate in either of these events that will take place over the same period.

Canal du Midi Rally

Labelled Randon’aviron by the French Rowing Federation, this ride is done in a yolette whose crew is composed of 4 rowers, 1 coxswain and 1 cyclist minimum to a maximum of 3 allowing them to take turns, ensure their assistance (boarding, disembarking, etc.) and their safety.

This hike requires a sufficient level of fitness and rowing to complete stages of more than 20 kilometres with a crew.
The 167 km route is made up of 8 stages dotted with 41 locks crossed on foot with a portage between Carcassonne and La Redorte.

A visit to the city of Carcassonne as well as a winegrower’s tasting are available by reservation during the afternoon of rest after loading the trailer.

The Rallye journey
in details


Enduro Canal

The Enduro Canal is a long-distance timed event in yolette and single sculls.

In a yolette, crew of 6 people, in single sculls 2 people, including one cyclist/rower per boat to take turns, to ensure his assistance and safety.
The 201 km route is made up of 9 stages dotted with 53 locks.

Speed and performance should not make us forget sporting values: team spirit, respect for others, respect for the site, etc

The Enduro journey
in details



VNF (Voie Navigable de France) is a long-standing partner of our event. Originally, VNF was a logistical support and it still is! But the colored canker attacking the plane trees has arrived, and soon the superb vault of greenery will be just a memory.

Since 2014, the ATPPR has wanted to participate in the replanting of this magnificent waterway, which became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1996. Thus the ATPPR donates to the sponsorship mission of VNF €10 per participant.

Follow the progress of this huge project on the site replantonslecanaldumidi.fr

Vaisselle réutilisable / reusable tableware

The insurer MAIF is also a partner that has never given up. It has made it possible to offer the Rallye du Canal du Midi stamped t-shirt for many years and since last year has supported us in our Eco-Responsible approach, which has been in place for a long time by the ATPPR with selective sorting.

Today, disposable tableware is over and replaced by reusable ones.
The MAIF therefore supported us by financing its rental.



Sunday, August 18 from 3 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

In Toulouse, Allées Paul Sabatier

– Reception of participants,
– Distribution and assembly of rented boats and road books.

Monday, August 19 at 7 a.m.

Allées Paul Sabatier in Toulouse

– Luggage loading on buses for accommodated participants,
– Breakfast will be served.


Two options are available:


Lunches are served by the canal or restaurant :
– Full accommodation: included in the registration,
– Free formula: possibility to book at the time of registration (€17 per meal).


  • Eco-Responsible Rando label: rinsing of the dishes by everyone and selective sorting.
  • For all participants: festive meal on Friday evening,
  • Refreshments halfway through each 1/2 day.
    Distribution of bottled water before boarding.
  • A moment of conviviality is often offered by municipalities, honor this benevolent welcome with your presence.

Cultural component

  • Lecture on the history of the Canal du Midi given by the
    VNF archivist (at the accommodation),
  • Guided tour of the city of Carcassonne on registration: €5,
  • Winegrower’s tasting on registration: €5.


  • Full accommodation: All transfers are made by bus.
  • Self-catering: travel by own means.
  • Personal vehicles not supported.
  • For all participants: return by bus to Toulouse (train stations, airports, etc.) possible from Carcassonne.


  • Yolettes and bike rental:
    – Seat/trolley package: €90 per person or €450 for a full boat (5 seats and trolley)
    – Bike: €44
  • Participation of crews in portages and loading of boat trailers
    Check and respect the equipment.


  • Respect for precautionary instructions:
    • – On the water: compliance with the river code (priority given to tourist boats),
      – On the towpath: traffic at the pace of the boats,
      – Near the locks: stay at a distance to disembark and board, exit and launch of often delicate boats,
      – Road crossing: compliance with the highway code.
  • Accompaniment of all the boats by a team of the organization by bicycle from the towpath.
    It ensures contact with all official security services that may
    be necessary.


  • Presence of a medical team throughout the course for first
  • In constant contact with the security team.
  • It is essential to be physically prepared.

(Read : « Prepare physically« ).

Accomodations – Rates

Let’s respect the people who co-exist on the Canal du Midi (tourists, lock keepers, fishermen, boatmen, etc.)
and their environment.




  • Licensed rowers in France: rowing participants must hold an A license from the French Rowing Federation.
  • Non-licensed participants and foreigners: a 7-day Discovery license will be taken by the ATPPR from the French Rowing Federation


Group participation is the rule.
Individual registration is only possible for the Canal du Midi Rally.

One coordinator per group is appointed to manage the equipment whether rented or not. Rentals, if applicable, are entered by the
coordinator on his registration form.
The total amount displayed on the coordinator’s form includes the amount of rentals to be paid in a single payment, at the expense of the coordinator to distribute the cost among the participants in his group.

Each member of the group must enter a registration form.

Individual registration is only possible for the Canal du Midi Rally.

Upon validation of their registration, the participant receives a summary email indicating the terms of payment.

The capacity is limited to 90 people in full accommodation and 100 in free accommodation with meals

Registration form

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    Mme Trigo : +336 77 54 97 03

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    The Rallye journey
    in details

    The Enduro journey
    in details

    Accomodations – Rates

    Prepare physically

    Build your own trolley
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